Tobacco Row Hardwoods

Our Story


The Idea

As a builder David realized just how much good and useful wood was being thrown in the scrap heap because of minor imperfections. However, "imperfections" that might not be wanted in a hardwood floor can actually give a cutting board or a table or a serving tray a lot more character than a piece of wood that is "perfect." 

What originally began with David using hardwood flooring scraps to make simple cutting boards has since expanded into the wide variety of beautiful products you see in our store.

Style & Quality

Using the wood itself as the guide every item we sell is a unique and individual statement piece that is also completely utilitarian in nature. We use these cutting boards and serving trays in our own homes every day so don't be afraid to use them for what they're made for!  

100% Handmade in Virginia

Every item we sell is handmade in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia by master wood craftsman David Poore using quality, locally sourced and upcycled hardwoods.

Our company is named after the beautiful foothill where David's wood shop is located, Tobacco Row Mountain in Amherst, Virginia.  This stretch of mountain forest is the ancestral homeland of the Monacan Indian Nation's Bear Mountain.  We are proud to be their neighbors.